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guuun-bloodGunBlood is the first player shooting game designed in flash. This game is very simple and entertaining, literally not letting the player take away his hand off the mouse. The game is very addictive and a good pastime for people of all ages. Though based on shooting, the graphic is completely animated and fun filled, the game does not give any provocative ideas for the real life. The game consists of 9 rounds. The first round has the least difficulty stage of 20% and the difficulty increases by 10% with every successful round completed. The maximum difficulty level is 100% in Round 9. The platform of GunBlood
game is very simple where the player needs to just click the mouse to fire the gun. The number of bullets left to clear the round is depicted pictorially as a gun file at the left hand bottom of the playing screen. Six bullets are provided to clear every two rounds. After every two rounds is a bonus round which is very interesting and separate set of six bullets are provided to obtain as many points as possible.


The main mission of the game GunBlood is to save your life and accumulate as many points as possible and better your high score every time. There are totally 10 characters in this game of which two are female and eight are male characters to choose from. The player has an option to choose any one character to represent him. The other 9 characters who are left out will be his challengers in the subsequent rounds. All the characters have the same power and are not biased, hence this game is completely skill based, winning and losing is a matter of how fast the player reacts after the countdown starts the game. The characters look animatedly fancy and are designed apt for a shooting game.

Scoring Pattern:

GunBlood is a single player game which can be played in a group amongst your friends individually. There is an option to create a group within one’s peer group. The members of the group can fight it out for the top position in the group’s high score table, hence as and when there is a high score by a player within the group, he will automatically become the best player of the group. The game can also be played individually wherein the player is competing with all the other players who are playing the game across the globe. The possibilities of gaining a high score are endless and since there are many players signing up every day, there is new challenge and scopes for improvement in high score.

The game platform begins with a main menu which has the following options:

START GAME – Clicking on this option will begin the game.

HIGH SCORES – Clicking on this will display a table which shows the results of the top 20 high scores in the last 7 days. It also has an option to see the top 200 high scorers.

GROUP SETUP – Clicking on this will give 2 options. One to create your own group and second to join any group.

OPTIONS – This option lets you to change the in-game quality from high-medium-low. One can also mute the sound in this option.

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